Corporate Social Responsibility

Compliance with its ethical code is key to the corporate success of Galletas Gullón. The General Manager is in charge of applying these principles with backing from the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee which is presided by the Chairwoman of Galletas Gullón.

The General Manager is also responsible for ensuring that this code is applied throughout the company and disseminated to the management team, middle management and the rest of its employees while the Management Committee conveys the content to all stakeholders.

Management Committee and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Gullón, the leading manufacturer of health biscuits

At Galletas Gullón, we are convinced of the importance of managing the Company by assessing not only its financial results but also its social and environmental issues. At the end of 2011, we began the formalities to include in our management model a cross-sectional area throughout the organisation for Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR), and we created a CSR Commission to foster this and represent our stakeholders.

We understand CSR as an essential function for generating added value to the Company and reinforcing Gullón’s survival in the long term.

We want Corporate Responsibility to form part of the corporate culture of our organisation and its people, as well as boost the links with our stakeholders and generate new alliances.


To provide healthy products to society to meet the daily needs of our consumers and customers, as well as innovation-based products which, apart from feeding them, will also help them live a more pleasant life.  


We want to be the benchmark health food company and brand at worldwide level while maintaining our environmental commitment.  


  • Closeness, transparency and honesty with all our stakeholders.
  • Commitment to society and the environment.
  • Tradition, experience and future: We are an innovative family company that adapts to new times.
  • Respect for people: cooperation and motivation with our stakeholders.
  • Quality, excellence and continuous improvement in our products, processes and management model.
We are governed by the following principles which guide our conduct and mean much more than merely complying with applicable legislation and international agreements, as stated in our management policy.

  • We take no decisions without first considering their ethical, social and environmental value.
  • We uphold the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We shall eradicate any corruption within the company.
  • We always strive to ensure maximum transparency and integrity.
  • We are committed to stakeholder engagement.
  • We uphold the confidentiality and privacy of all data handled.
  • We foster equality, integrity and honesty.
  • We also take into consideration all groups involved and respect their rights in all our decision-making processes.

Our priorities

The management of Galletas Gullón, S.A. has established the following priorities to achieve its management objectives:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction with products which have been made using high-quality raw materials, the best possible processes and with the upmost care.
  • Maintain and improve technological and managerial advances to keep the company at the forefront of its sector.
  • Promote a culture of quality among all employees of Galletas Gullón, S.A.
  • Act in accordance with the principle of constant improvement and prevention to avoid problems before they occur.
  • Grow and make the company profitable, ensuring continuity over time.
  • Encourage the professional and human advancement of all employees.
  • Respect the health and safety of all employees and the environment.


Galletas Gullón focuses its efforts on manufacturing healthy products based on research and development.

We work actively with different organisations: institutions, universities, technology centres, associations, etc. with the aim of improving, adapting and developing new products based on our consumers’ needs and demands, as well as healthier and well-balanced products with full and transparent labels.

Galletas Gullón follows the NAOS strategy fostered by the Health Ministry through the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AESAN) that favours correct nutrition, a reduction in obesity and daily physical exercise.

Gullón fosters a healthy lifestyle culture through good nutrition to prevent non-communicable chronic food illnesses and improve consumers’ wellbeing by providing access to the necessary information so that they can choose a product based on well-founded reasons.

Nutritional training

As a food company, we believe that we can play a major role as nutritional educators, especially with families, so we collaborate with several institutions that form groups with different health problems, intolerances, etc. and provide greater information about healthy lifestyle habits and how to share knowledge with the final objective of preventing these illnesses.

Total quality principles

Our main objective is to ensure total quality. To this end, we have defined 10 basic principles which all employees of Galletas Gullón, S.A. must be aware of and act upon, Namely:

  1. Fully meet the customers’ needs.
  2. Understand and improve the customer-supplier relationship.
  3. Do everything that is needed.
  4. Do things right the first time around.
  5. Assess individual performance to be successful.
  6. Aim for continuous improvement.
  7. Management must lead.
  8. Training is essential.
  9. Effective communication is vital.
  10. Recognise achievements.

Human rights

Galletas Gullón, S.A. supports the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption measures.

Galletas Gullón undertakes to include the Global Compact and its principles in the strategy, culture and day-to-day actions of our company and we have followed the Global Compact network’s recommendations in our Progress Report, with the commitment to work for human rights and for control throughout the value chain. Our business activity is aimed at being an example of good practices in human rights.

Presents, gifts, payment or courtesies

No collaborator, be they an employee, contractor or immediate family member, may give or accept presents, gifts, payment or other courtesies which may influence a business decision or be seen to influence a business decision.

In order to preserve the company’s image and integrity, as a general rule of thumb, employees may not accept any gifts or incentives from suppliers unless these are occasional and non-recurring courtesies or invitations of little intrinsic monetary value. Gifts in excess of €50 (fifty euros) may not be accepted.

In other words, the frequency and nature of any gifts accepted shall not imply that the person accepting these gifts is seen to be influenced in any business decision by accepting said gifts. Neither must acceptance of the gift cause the recipient to compromise their impartiality.

Notwithstanding the above, collaborators may participate in forums and attend any normal and reasonable business lunches or dinners, providing their impartiality is not compromised, and these gratuities are not given as compensation for any special services or attention.

Any gifts or invitations not mentioned above must be refused and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee informed.

In any event, Galletas Gullón abstains from any practices prohibited by law, commercial use, or the ethical codes of all companies and entities with which we maintain a commercial relationship.

This code is based on the approach to the various stakeholders. Although there are many more at Galletas Gullón, we want to highlight the commitments with our priority stakeholders, which can also be extended to the other stakeholders.

Conflicts of interest

All those collaborating with Galletas Gullón must avoid any situations that lead to a conflict of interest with it, understanding “conflict of interest” as any situation that sets the personal interests of an employee or collaborator against those of the company or which harms or goes against Gullón’s interests.

Any employee or collaborator involved in a conflict of interest must notify this immediately to a superior, from the Organisation and People department, from the Social Responsibility Committee or from the General Management, to resolve the issue in a fair and transparent way.


Galletas Gullón’s communications with its stakeholders are inspired by a respect for the right to information and transparency and never by falseness and deceit. To do this, the company will use the tools available for this purpose which are considered to be most appropriate at any given time.

This ethics code will be notified to the stakeholders through the measures developed for such purpose. To make sure that all the collaborators of Galletas Gullón have a correct understanding of this code, the actions have been differentiated based on the stakeholders being addressed.

The Corporate Responsibility communication plan contains the communication for external collaborators and employees. The new hires will know about the ethics code in the first few days of training so that they can comply with the correctly.


  1. In accordance with the legislation, our company complies with the necessary information so that the decisions made by our shareholders and partners are based on sound, standard and well-known arguments. This information is always based on a transparent and clear accounting, in accordance with the applicable standards.
  2. We use our resources in a prudent and profitable way, observing the strictest ethics and legal codes in all our business practices and transactions.
  3. The Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Galletas Gullón will convene the General Shareholders’ Meeting every year, providing the shareholders with the necessary documentation within the legal deadline established so that they can speak at the Meeting about the items to be examined or approved.
  4. The Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Galletas Gullón will convene the Board meetings when applicable, providing the members with the necessary documentation within reasonable time so that they can speak at the meeting with sufficient information about the items to be examined or approved.


  1. Galletas Gullón will monitor the integrity and safety of its workforce in their respective jobs.
  2. Galletas Gullón will support good internal relations among employees, favouring a respectful working climate that is committed to people.
  3. Galletas Gullón will not allow any ethically questionable actions and establish the corresponding detection and information mechanisms.
  4. Galletas Gullón will foster free expression of ideas and opinions among its workforce through the appropriate communication channels, without any type of coercion or abuse.

Staff selection

The selection and hiring processes will be open so that the largest number of people with the right qualifications can access them.

The employee hiring method will follow the principles of justice by assessing CVs, experience and merits.

Direct family members or partners of employees can also apply for a job at Gullón and will enter the normal selection and hiring process at Gullón. Their qualifications, performance, competences and experience will also be assessed, provided that they do not have another business relationship with the company.

Children of employees will have preference when carrying out work placements at the company and can apply for the internships.

Employment relationship

The employment relationship with employees will be transparent, fair and trustworthy.

Staff promotion will be based on equal opportunities and the merits of each person.

Galletas Gullón considers that training is a basic strategic tool within its Human Resources policy since it fosters employees’ personal and professional development with the aim of permanently updating the qualification levels of our staff.

Galletas Gullón is directly committed to professional development based on training processes that implement criteria for efficiency and improving competitiveness while enabling all the employees to adapt to the new organisation methods and new technology.

Gullón’s employees are also committed to carrying out their work efficiently and effectively, striving to continuously improve their professional performance and, consequently, the quality of Gullón’s processes and products.

Occupational Hazards Plan

Galletas Gullón will monitor the integrity and safety of its workforce in their respective jobs.

Galletas Gullón has established and maintains updated a documented procedure that identifies the occupational health and safety hazards in its activities, products and services, and assesses the occupational hazards associated with such risks, based on the probability that they will occur and their consequences, which provide a Classification of Occupational Hazards and maintains updated this information (see General Procedure PR-DG-54-004, Identification and Assessment of Occupational Hazards).

The Organisation will permanently be informed of any new legislation and regulations using its own means as well as companies specialising in legislation and regulations. The company will take into account these new rules as well as the changes in processes, operations and activities carried out and in the products and services provided by Galletas Gullón in order to maintain updated the information about the legal and other requirements applicable to the organisation.

Galletas Gullón and all its employees assume the commitment to act responsibly and believe that it is of the utmost importance to foster, promote and carry out any necessary actions for implementing a new safety culture.

Equality plan

Gullón is committed to a work environment where there is no discrimination based on sex, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or political affiliation.

This is thus stated in Article 1 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in force: ‘”This collective bargaining agreement is based on equal rights and obligations, without discrimination based on race, sex or religious, political or trade union ideology”.

The company will also not tolerate verbal or physical abuse and will create the necessary channels so that the workforce can raise any concerns to the Organisation and People area.

An “Equality Plan” has been drafted for this, with the conviction that non-discrimination, equality and a work-life balance will value and optimise the potential and possibilities of all the company’s human capital and enhance their quality of life, which will help to increase productivity and attract, retain and motivate the workforce, thus improving their satisfaction with the company. The plan is reviewed and updated annually.

Customers and consumers

  1. Our Customers are our strategic allies, which is why we try to make sure that our business proposal fosters customer growth and development.
  2. The relations with our customers must not lead to any type of corruption, bribery, favouritism or any activity that contravenes good practices or harms the population’s health.
  3. Galletas Gullón will maintain a high degree of trust with its customers subject to transparency parameters in terms of information and credibility by taking care of the personal relations and a respect for its competitors.
  4. The information about customers, contracts and communications is always confidential.
  5. Galletas Gullón will permanently control the quality and safety of its products.
  6. Galletas Gullón is committed to the fight against obesity and to offering food that improves consumers’ health and wellbeing.
  7. The company has a procedure for listening to consumers which includes enquiries, complaints and claims, for both customers and consumers.
  8. The prices and other information provided by customers are confidential and must not be used outside Galletas Gullón.
  9. We have established the philosophy of Continuous Improvement as the essential and permanent way to operate, with the aim of maintaining and improving the quality level reached, always thinking about the customers and their needs so that we are worthy of their respect and trust.


  1. We are committed to carrying out honest and reasonable negotiations with our suppliers, without discrimination or impositions.
  2. Galletas Gullón’s suppliers must respect human rights and the environment, and must allow checks to be made regarding their full compliance with these principles.
  3. The selection and hiring processes of the suppliers must be made equitably. When selecting them, the company will study all the factors with impartiality: price, aggregate value, quality and service offered.
  4. We attach the highest value to fair competition when assessing and selecting the best. We will strive to build long-lasting, equitable and fair business relations.
  5. Gifts in the form of money, services or items, whether or not promotional ones, cannot be received from suppliers if they have a high value or reasonably exceed the usual courtesy rules.
  6. Likewise, giving gifts that make our suppliers feel uncomfortable or which can be misinterpreted by third parties must also be avoided.
  7. Galletas Gullón will not maintain any commercial relations with suppliers that incur in practices contravening the law or human rights. We are committed to fostering the legality of the environmental or social operations such as children’s exploitation.
  8. The prices and other information provided by the suppliers are confidential and must not be used outside Galletas Gullón, unless there is a written authorisation. Likewise, we expect confidentiality from our suppliers and that they comply with Galletas Gullón’s principles.
  9. Galletas Gullón undertakes to foster best practices among its suppliers in terms of social responsibility, supporting them in the improvement processes that they start in this matter.
  10. The suppliers must also commit themselves to food quality and safety.


Galletas Gullón has a serious commitment to respect and maintain the environment. It has drafted an environmental management policy based on its commitment to pollution prevention and continuous improvement, which is updated as new circumstances arise.

Galletas Gullón fosters environmental education among its employees since they are responsible for complying with the company’s environmental commitments. The employees must also show their commitment to prevention and environmental conservation when carrying out their functions at Galletas Gullón.

Likewise, we commit ourselves to maintaining resources and energy, reducing waste generation, particularly packaging, and emissions and, in general, preventing pollution.

We have established the philosophy of Continuous Improvement as the essential and permanent way to operate, with the aim of maintaining and improving the environmental protection level reached, always thinking about the environment where we carry out our activities.

Social setting

Galletas Gullón is committed to the socioeconomic development of the municipality where it operates (Montaña Palentina) and to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

Galletas Gullón fosters the employment and promotion of people with employment difficulties, collaborating with institutions whose purpose is to integrate them into work and society.

Since Gullón is deeply rooted at local level, all its factory activity is in Aguilar de Campoo, which creates jobs, wealth and stability in the area.

At Gullón, we provide our knowledge and experience and we apply the latest technologies to ensure a more sustainable company.


To make sure that the information is complete and coherent, the General Management or the communication department will provide information to the media.

No employee of Galletas Gullón will provide information about the company to the media without prior knowledge of and authorisation from the communication department or general management, which are in charge of media relations.

Unless there is an express authorisation, no employee of Galletas Gullón will use or facilitate information to third parties about the company, its managers or their colleagues for their own benefit or which may damage the image of the company or its members.

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