The Gullón Story

More than 130 years bakingcookies


Galletas Gullón was founded in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia)


A process of diversification began which, aside from the traditional products, resulted in the launch of Marie biscuits, and golden Tostadas, along with wafers, chocolate coated rosquillas and other pastries


María Teresa Rodríguez is appointed CEO and takes over the management.


We create the first wholemeal biscuit in Spain.

1997 y 1999

We are the first biscuit manufacturer to obtain the Quality and Environmental Management certifications from AENOR


We launched the first of our subsidiaries, “Bolachas Gullón”, in Portugal with other branches subsequently following in Italy, France, United Kingdom and USA. We also produced the first low salt and reduced sugar “light” biscuit (Ligera).


The Gullón II Factory was opened in Aguilar de Campoo. It was the largest factory of its kind in Europe at that time.


We led the national CENIT – HIGEA research project. And we launched the BIO Marie allergen free biscuit made with organic cereals.


We inaugurated the new VIDA factory, and introduced the Vitalday range.


King Philip VI visited our premises


María Teresa Rodríguez became Honorary CEO of the company having handed over the leadership to her daughter Lourdes Gullón. We relaunched the sugar free Diet Nature range under the name ZERO. This year 38 new products were launched on the market.


We celebrated the company’s 130th anniversar

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The paradise of biscuit makers with more than 140 varieties.