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Quality Assured

We ensure all of our products aimed at people suffering from coeliac disease or other food intolerances and comply with the highest quality standards.


We guarantee our products are safe from allergens and follow strict guidelines to to ensure they are free from gluten, lactose milk protein, egg or nuts.


We work to ensure you enjoy life without the worry.

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About gluten and coeliac disease

Learn more about gluten

What is gluten? What are the symptoms of coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity? Find out more about this protein, about the different gluten-related disorders and how these conditions are diagnosed and managed.

Living Gluten-Free

Do you have coeliac disease? Have you been diagnosed with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity or is there another reason you can’t eat gluten? Here you will find out how to identify gluten-free products, learn about cross-contamination and read tips to help with a gluten-free lifestyle.